Remote Sensing Applications Centre, Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh was the first and foremost state in the country to establish the first state Remote Sensing Applications Centre, Uttar Pradesh (RSAC-UP) in May, 1982 at Lucknow. RSAC-UP has been utilizing the geospatial technologies of satellite remote sensing, Image Processing, GIS, GPS, LiDAR, Bathymetry, Customized Software Development using AI,....

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Shri A.K. Agarwal

Acting Director, Member Secretary, General Body & Governing Body, RSAC-UP
Computer And Image Processing Lab

Geoinformatics facilities 

The Lab endeavours to provide information system solution in geospatial domain. The division enables the office to utilize the technology for innovate, execute, infer, archive and retrieve the information which is gleaned from plethora of remote sensing satellites and ancillary spatial and non-spatial data.

LiDAR & Bathymetry Facilities

LiDAR & Bathymetry facilities

Dedicated State-of-art Laboratory for LiDAR & SONAR data processing at Centre, with advanced computation resources and services focuses on planning, processing of 3D point cloud data collected from  Mobile LiDAR and Terrestrial .....

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